Gesellschaft für Ingenieur- und Apparatebau m.b.H.
Industriepark Nord II Nr. 61
D-53567 Buchholz-Mendt
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  • Plant and container construction
  • Plastic processing
  • Design
  • Assembling
  • Construction
  • Product development

Welcome to GIA- Gesellschaft für Ingenieur- und Apparatebau m.b.H.

Services from A to Z around the construction of containers, tanks and apparatuses

Since 1969 already the company GIA is a strong partner in the field of container – or apparatus construction. With its mature expertise and decades of experience GIA represents strategies for solving problems with plastic solutions. Customized special constructions beyond a standard product range are not an alien concept for our team.

We are a specialized company according to § 19.1 WHG (Federal Water Act).  All neutralisation devices, drinking water containers, surge water tanks from our company are meeting the highest requirements. We are manufacturer as well as supplier of Neutra-Boxes, PE-shafts and bio filters, softener cartridges and many other products, which are used for different applications.

Plastic apparatuses – Neutralisation devices – PE-shafts – Bio filters

For instance we are producing surge tanks for swimming pools, neutralisation devices (Neutra-boxes) for the discharge of condensate in the field of condensing technology; our container construction program includes plastic tanks and drinking water tanks in general as well as special plastic tanks for aquaristics. We offer bio filters and biological operating reactors for the purification of water, as well as softening cartridges for various areas of usage. The general term of apparatus construction means to us the constructions and production of plastic apparatuses in accordance with the WHG that includes corresponding materials and quality, so they can be used for all water systems.

High-quality Plastic tanks, innovative constructions of containers and a reliable service – this characterises our enterprise GIA- Gesellschaft für Ingenieur- und Apparatebau since 1969.

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