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Industriepark Nord II Nr. 61
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Phone: +49 (0) 2683 966717
Fax: +49 (0) 2683 966719

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Code of Conduct

(For reasons of better readability, this Code of Conduct refrains from using the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) simultaneously. We understand the generic masculine to be a neutral grammatical form of expression which – where not otherwise designated – expressly includes all genders).


GIA mbH expressly acknowledges its social responsibility within the scope of its entrepreneurial activities.

We are committed to compliance with legal regulations and ethical principles.

Our present Code of Conduct serves as a guideline with which GIA mbH aims to ensure, in particular, compliance with global requirements for ethical and moral conduct as well as the stipulations of correct behavior under competition and antitrust law. This also means the promotion of fair and sustainable standards in dealing with suppliers and customers as well as its own employees.

GIA mbH informs its employees at regular intervals about the objectives and principles of conduct of this Code. Furthermore, GIA mbH strives to ensure that its contractual partners also orient themselves to these contents as far as possible.

Our code of conduct is a self-commitment, which is also certified by appointed consultants.

I General regulations

1. Scope

This Code of Conduct applies to all GIA mbH subsidiaries and production sites.

2. Laws, standards and ethical behavior

GIA mbH complies with the applicable laws and standards of the respective countries in which it operates. It is guided by the generally applicable ethical values and principles, in particular integrity and probity.

3. Trade secrets

Business secrets of business partners are always treated confidentially by GIA mbH and its company employees. Disclosure of confidential information to third parties or making it publicly available is prohibited.

4. Personal data

In the course of our daily business activities, we always collect and process personal data from employees, customers or business partners confidentially and with due care. We see this as part of our responsibility as a company.

5. Data security

The employees of GIA mbH are obliged to keep company-related documents of all kinds (texts, drawings, plans, images, etc.) secure against access by unauthorized third parties, be they papers (originals or copies) or files. When using IT systems, appropriate security measures are applied (e.g. passwords, licensed software, exclusively internally released technologies) to ensure the protection of stored data. Our company’s IT maintains state-of-the-art security standards.

II Antitrust and competition law requirements

1. Antitrust law

GIA mbH is committed to free and fair competition. Laws protecting competition, in particular antitrust law and other laws regulating competition, are observed.

Illegal price agreements, other conditions or agreements with competitors as well as an abuse of market power contradict the principles of GIA mbH.

2. Bribery, corruptibility, corruption

GIA mbH rejects bribery and corruption and does not tolerate these behaviors.

Employees are made aware that no personal dependencies or obligations to customers or suppliers arise. In particular, company employees must not accept or make any gifts that could reasonably be expected to influence business decisions.

If gifts are customary and polite in a country, it is important to ensure that they do not give rise to any obligatory dependencies and that the legal standards of the country are observed. In such situations, it is important to proceed with caution and to listen to one’s common sense so that motives are not misunderstood and reputational damage is avoided.

With our business activities, we promote free and fair competition. In doing so, we always comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Violations will always be punished with measures under labor law.

We act in the interest of our company, not in our personal interest.

III Global guidelines

1. Human Rights

Internationally recognized human rights are explicitly and sustainably supported. We treat others fairly, considerately and with respect.

We are committed to complying with internationally recognized labor and social standards.

Even in the event of disciplinary measures, all company employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. Such measures may only be taken in accordance with applicable national and international standards and internationally recognized human rights.

2. Child labor

Child labor and any kind of exploitation of children and young people are rejected. The relevant laws are complied with.

3. Forced labor

Any form of forced labor, debt bondage, serfdom and slave labor or slavery as well as conditions similar to these are rejected. Company employees may not be forced into employment, either directly or indirectly, by force or intimidation.

4. Remuneration

All employees shall be paid a fair wage for full-time employment that is at least sufficient to meet basic needs. The remuneration shall be paid in a practical manner (cash, check, bank transfer) as well as a wage statement shall be made available to an appropriate extent. Of course, we do not fall below the legal minimum wage.

5. Working time

Working hours comply with applicable national law, industry standard or relevant ILO conventions. Overtime must be worked on a voluntary basis.

6. Health and occupational safety

National and international regulations to ensure health and safety in the workplace are complied with. By setting up and applying appropriate occupational safety systems, necessary precautionary measures are taken against accidents and damage to health that may arise in connection with the activity. In addition, employees are regularly informed and trained about applicable health and safety standards and measures.

7. Complaint mechanisms

GIA mbh has established appropriate complaint mechanisms that guarantee anonymity and no negative repercussions to all those who wish to report possible misconduct or reasonable suspicion.

8. Dealing with conflict minerals

GIA mbH does not use conflict materials or supply products that contain metals derived from minerals or their derivatives from conflict areas that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups that commit serious human rights abuses.

9. Environmental protection

GIA mbH observes the goals of sustainable environmental protection. Environmentally friendly production methods are strived for in this context. Our company handles natural resources responsibly. We are committed to reducing or avoiding the consumption of resources during production and the generation of waste of any kind, including water and energy. This is done either directly at the point of generation or through processes and measures, for example by changing production processes or procedures within the company, by using alternative materials, through savings, through recycling or with the help of the reuse of materials. Energy consumption is also monitored. We continuously strive to find economical solutions to constantly improve energy efficiency, minimize energy consumption and protect the climate.

10. Money laundering

At GIA mbH, we consistently exclude black money from our business. We have anchored this guiding principle in our principles.

We conduct business activities only with reputable partners who comply with applicable law and obtain their resources from legitimate sources.

IV Ethical and social principles

1. Non-discrimination

GIA mbH rejects discrimination in hiring or employment, including, but not limited to, discrimination based on race, ethnic or national origin, color, sex, mental or physical disability, age, creed, membership in an employee organization, or other personal characteristics.

2. Harassment

GIA mbH disapproves of physical, psychological or sexual violence.

3. Freedom of expression

The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

4. Privacy

GIA mbh maintains the privacy and confidential information of all employees and business partners and protects the data and intellectual property from misuse.

5. Expectation from our partners

In the various points of this Code of Conduct, GIA mbH commits itself to a law-abiding corporate management that respects the ethical, moral, ecological and also economic obligations of modern entrepreneurship. At the same time, we expect the same attitude from all our customers, suppliers and other partners.

V Compliance with the Code of Conduct

1. Measures

GIA mbH brings this Code of Conduct to the attention of its employees in an appropriate manner and at specified intervals and ensures compliance with it.

2. Certification

The quality of our work is guaranteed by certifications, which are subject to permanent strict control by national authorities. Internally, the central element for quality assurance in our company is the extensive set of rules of our quality management system. All essential work processes and procedures are recorded and regulated in it.